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Why childhood is more important?

Why childhood is more important?

Childhood is a more important period in all humans’ life part. Because great men's and women's mindsets are built in childhood, it directly affects adulthood. Each of the parents must have to focus on the child. Because children are like empty paper, and we parents are the pencils, and we have chosen what we're going to write on it, we're going to write a lovely story? Or strategy traumatic story?  We have to think about it.   

According to Sigmund Freud's theory, childhood is the most important learning part of everyone’s life, “The child is brought up to know its social duties by means of a system of love rewards and punishments, and in this way, it is taught that its security in life depends on its parents (and, subsequently, other people) loving it and being able to believe in its love for them.”  

There have a few things we have to focus on regarding children's on their behavior. Because of these things must, people have to focus on children.


What is misbehaving?

What is misbehaving? 

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Something similar can be said about misbehavior. Different people perceive the same act differently, depending upon their conditioning and their relation to the perpetrator of the act. Thus, the same action can be perceived as an innocuous - even cute ‘so-sweet’ gesture by one and gross misbehavior by another. 

Why should parents curb misbehavior?

Interestingly, when  I suggest to parents that they should do something about their child’s misbehavior, the commonest question that their child’s misbehavior, the commonest question that parents ask me, -IS NOT- ‘How can we do it’ rather it is - ‘is there any harm if the child occasionally misbehaves?’ or ‘all children misbehave. Why is it so necessary to curb it?

From their questions, it seems that they believe that such misbehaviors are a part of normal growing up the child will come out of it automatically. Their observations are based on their experiences, which show that many misbehaving young kids do become well-behaved or at least quieter as they grow up. What they have not experienced is how this transition or taming, actually takes place in the real world. 

The root cause: conflict.

Now let us discuss the underlying causes of why your child misbehaves. These are the reasons because of, the ‘apparent causes’ though these causes are very varied, depending upon social and environmental factors, the root cause is the presence of conflict in the environment, in which the child is being brought up. This conflict can be present amidst the parent-couple, two generations of parents, amongst the siblings, or even just in the mindsets of parents vis-à-vis the child. Many of these conflicts then lead to an apparent cause, e.g. loss of respect.

Aggravation of misbehavior.

As I mentioned in the following paragraph, misbehavior is construed differently by different people. But one thing is for the certain-every act that can be termed misbehavior, begins in a benign form. It is only when this act escalates above an unacceptable limit that it gets defined as misbehavior.

What aggravates a child’s misbehavior?

The basic cause remains the same - the child’s reaction to his mistaken beliefs that we discussed in the last chapter. But this reaction would have passed over over time, had we, parents not, accentuated it by our interference. These interferences that become aggravating factors occur in many forms. Let us discuss these by one. 



In cases of misbehavior, being aware of the problem i.e. acceptance of the fact that yes, the problem exists is one-fourth of the battle won. And striving to find its solution is half the battle won. Because most parents are not even able to acknowledge that their child is grossly misbehaving, and fewer still think that they need to do something about it.

So, if you have reached this far, you have already crossed a major hurdle. And if you can follow some very simple advice and refrain from doing some basic mistakes, your problem can soon be solved.

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